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The Most Haunted House in The World

Haunted House – is there an empty house that has long been lived around your house ? If there is anything that will come to mind you see the house ? What you will surely imagine is that the house is haunted isn’t it ? It is true that a house that is rarely inhabited or never cared for is often depicted by the existence of spirits or ghosts that inhabit the place.

Ghosts / spirits are often portrayed as spirits who roam and often scare some people. Well, just imagine if you occupied the haunted house what did you do ? After a day of work in the office or studying at school, wanting to get home, we immediately rest. However, what if when you rest, you even hear strange sounds, moving objects or even ghostly apparitions? These spooky things experienced by people who live in the house will be discussed below. These houses are considered the most haunted or horrible houses in the world.

Rows of the Most Awful Houses in the World

Of course, as much as possible you don’t want to deal with the name mystical things, right? but some of you are also looking for it because it is considered as a test of guts, so here we will give a list of the most haunted houses in the world where after hearing it you might not want to live in it.

Snedeker House, America

Have you ever watched a horror film called The Haunting in Connecticut? The horror film aired in theaters in 2009. The film is Panduan Deposit Sbobet Basket a film that tells the real events of the paranormal couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren. Tells a family terrorized by spirits in his new home.

The story really happened and the haunted house in question was the home of the Snedeker family in Connecticut. Continuously terrorized by the house-watching spirits, the couple Ed and Lorraine investigated and found that in the basement were found equipment for the rituals of a religion. Coupled with a number of coffins, blood spots, and skulls.

Perron Family House, America

Coming back from America now is the turn of the house from Perron Family House which is said to be the next haunted house. It is said there are so many cases lived by paranormal couples, Ed and Lorraine Warren. After the Snedeker family’s house, there was another one, the house of the Perron family. This story from the Perron Family was then filmed under the title The Conjuring. Aired in 2013, this scary film was watched by many people.

The Perron Family House is in Harrisville, Rhode Island. They moved to his new home in December 1970. At first, the guarding ghost of the house did not bother. For a long time, disorders began to appear and were considered serious. Where the five daughters of the Perron Family became the main target of interference. Starting from the bed rocking until the limbs are pulled by an invisible figure, exactly as happened in the movie The Conjuring.

Whitehouse, America

Whitehouse is a palace and home to the president of the United States. Not only as a place of work, a place to entertain state guests, Whitehouse is also a place of rest from the president and his family. Surely this presidential residence is guarded by a number of special forces. But, these special forces can only dispel interference from humans, if ghost interference, no.

Although Whitehouse is safe from terrorist disturbances, the president’s residence is not safe from spirits. There are a number of ghost sightings that have appeared in the White House. One of them is the appearance of former American president Abraham Lincoln. Whitehouse is located in Washington DC, and construction began in 1792.

Dr. H.H. Holmes’s House, America

In 1885, a doctor named H.H. Holmes moved to Englewood, Chicago. There, Holmes built his own house, the inside he built like a maze with many rooms with different purposes. H.H. Holmes is known as one of the famous serial killers in America.

In this house, Holmes kidnaps and kills them. It is known that Holmes’s victims reached 200 people. Holmes was then sentenced to death on May 7, 1896. So many lives were lost at Holmes’s house that made the house haunted by the spirits suspected of being victims of Holmes. In 1938, the creepy house was finally torn down.

Amityville House, New York

Being one of the dirtiest houses in the world, Amityville has many mysteries that can make you shudder in horror. Located on Long Island, New York, United States. The horror story at Amityville began when Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shoot and kill 5 members of his family. Allegedly, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. possessed by spirits when he slaughtered his family members.

After the massacre the family from Luz occupied the house. various strange events that cannot be explained by words starting with the appearance of spirits and strange dreams and events, even worse, the daughter of George, 5-year-old Missy often tells of her imaginary friend named Jodie who is said to have red and very radiant eyes.