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Triks Increases DA PA on Google Search Engine

Domain and Pages Authority – You may have often heard the term Domain Authority and Pages Authority find there are many articles discussing ways to increase domain authority to make your website top-ranked on Google.

But what is actually meant by this domain and pages authority ? For those of you who are bloggers who want to get search traffic on Google, these two things are mandatory and very important for you to pay attention to.

Domain authority is a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. This relevance has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines, trying to assess domain authority through automated analytic algorithms. Where as for Pages Authority is an SEO term that is used to describe the possibility that certain pages of our website will be more often found in search engines. The Page Authority is based on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100 and is related to the relevance of the article and link.

Both of these methods are one type of SEO (Search Engine Optimaztion) technique which plays an important role Tips Cara Pasang Basket Taruhan Outright in making a blog that you have created to be on a lot of searches through chasing keywords. Most of the bloggers will have difficulty understanding how to do optimization, actually it is one thing that is very easy as long as we are serious about persevering. Then how to improve the domain and authority so that the blog can get a ranking in the eyes of the google search engine?

How to Optimize Domain and Pages Authority is good and right

To be able to maximize the blog that we manage, we certainly have to do a lot of effort because SEO does not only refer to Onpage or Offpage. for those of you who are a good blogger, beginners if you hear the word Domain Authority and page Authority, surely you are already familiar to hear the word, because these 2 things can help your blog to appear on the first page of google. Here’s how to optimize your blog through domains and authority pages.

Make Quality Content

the way to make our blog easy to get rank is by creating quality content so that it can increase readers’ interest. all the content you make must be pure. if it is then your site will be trusted by google.

Reduce the High Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is one of the terms in Google Analytics, which is a tool for analyzing traffic / traffic of a website. The effect of the Bounce Rate is very bad for SEO and also for your blog, if you want to increase your blog’s DA quickly, you better reduce the bounce rate.

Building Natural Backlinks

Natural backlinks are links made by other website / blog owners on their content or articles to your website / blog without you requesting and paying or in voluntary terms. One way you can do to improve DA is to build natural backlinks without spamming or tricking search engines.

Improve SEO Onpage

SEO is divided into 2 ways between ‘On-pages’ and ‘Off-pages’. SEO onpages optimization is one thing that is very important because it can also increase DA, for example by making a friendly txt robot and also by creating meta tags in templates blog.

Things that need to be avoided when optimizing your blog

Pay attention to Keyword Density

keyword density in an article will make a trust by google. Surely it will also place the blog at number one if it has gained the trust of them. For this reason it is highly recommended for beginners always to pay attention to every keyword that you use on your blog.

Don’t Copy Paste

The thing that is often overlooked by most bloggers is to recall the content that was discussed earlier so that they often re-discuss it or even copy and paste other people’s blogs to be their own.

Share Blog to Social Media

With us sharing our blog articles to social media, visitors will also come up with a lot, and if there are many blogs we will get trust by search engines, so we have the opportunity to enter page one in search. But it is necessary for you to note that this blog article share is not in a state of spam so that it will have a bad impact on your blog traffic.

So for how to optimize SEO blog using domain and pages authority, the success of each blogger will be seen from the experience and perseverance you have. Hopefully with this guide the beginners can easily get lessons about the importance of SEO for a blog and can get a rank on the google search engine.